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Big B’s is a family owned business located in the North Fork Valley of Colorado. We have been pressing all natural ciders and apple juice blends for over 30 years. We are committed to producing the finest apple juices on the market. All of our products use the purest ingredients available, and we never use additives or preservatives. Our organic juices use ingredients which are certified within the USDA Organic Program. Big B’s Fabulous Juices is located in the heart of the majestic North Fork Valley. Our fruit is grown in this valley, supporting local sustainable agricultural, and organic land stewardship. Big B’s a bioregional company, pressing the finest juices from the finest fruits for our customers.


  • Apple Juice: All natural Apple Juice…the classic. We use the highest quality organic apples, and that is our only ingredient. We blend a perfect balance of sweet and tart apples to produce an Apple Juice like none other.
  • Fresh Cider: Our most popular product. Fresh pressed apple cider is unpasteurized, So the amazing taste of 145 apples is savored in every gallon. We use the perfect ratio of sweet to tart apples, creating a fresh taste sensation like no other apple juice product on the market. Fresh Organic Apple Cider… “The way it should be.”
  • Spiced Cider: Our Spiced Apple Cider is fantastic during cold autumn and winter days. Open a bottle, heat it on the stove top, and let the sweet aroma fill your house and the pleasant taste warm your body.
  • Ginger Apple Cooler: A truly refreshing, cooling drink. Sweet apples, a bite of ginger and a hint of lemongrass combine to create an honestly nutritious, delicious taste sensation. Apple Ginger Cooler… “a delightful juice… for your health”
  • Cherry Apple Cider: Cherry Apple Cider is a unique mixture of organic apples and cherries. This Big B’s specialty is irresistible. The natural sweetness of tree ripened cherries blended with our fabulous apple cider is like nothing you’ve ever tasted. On a warm summer day, try adding seltzer to our Cherry Apple Cider for a wonderfully refreshing drink.
  • Apricot Apple Juice: Our Apricot Apple is divine. A “soft” taste, a full consistency. A perfect blend of apples and apricots. This nectar is sure to please all who taste it. Apricot Apple cider… “Satisfyingly smooth, sweet and pure.”
  • Pear Apple Juice: Pear Apple Juice is absolutely delicious. We combine the natural juice of freshly pressed pears and apples to make a perfectly blended juice.
  • Spearmint Apple Cooler: The cool taste of spearmint and the natural sweetness of organic apples combine to make an exceptional drink. A glass of our Spearmint Apple Cooler over ice will energize you after a long, hot, summer day.
  • Cinnamon Apple Cooler: Our Cinnamon Apple Cooler is a perfect blend of organic apples and delicious spices. Try it on ice during the warm summer months to bring your senses back to autumn briskness.
  • Lemonade: Simply the best lemonade you have ever tried.


Phone: 970.872.3065
Mail: 386 High Street, Hotchkiss, CO 81419

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